Volvo Trade Club A little less Volvo with every non-genuine part

There’s only one way to guarantee that your customer’s Volvo stays completely safe and 100% Volvo, fit Volvo Genuine Parts. Volvo Genuine Parts co-operate with our safety systems and warning systems – life-saving elements that won’t necessarily work with any other parts. So, why risk something so important?

Joining Volvo Trade Club gives you access to thousands of competitively priced Volvo Genuine Parts, all designed, manufactured and tested to Volvo’s high standards – along with other great benefits, including:

  • Hassle-free ordering, plus twice daily deliveries within a 10-mile radius of Agnew Belfast or once a day within 20 miles.
  • A full nationwide warranty on every part you order.
  • Six months’ free access to partslink24, our online ordering site, for new customers.
  • Expert advice from Volvo trained dealers.

To make sure you’re giving your customers the safest, most genuine Volvo service, get in touch with us and become part of Volvo Trade Club.

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