4 Surprising Spaces You Could Fit a smart Car In!

It’s no new news – the smart car is designed to be small, compact and above all, smart! Whether you’re embracing the truly tiny with the smart fortwo, or discovering just how much leg room you can actually pack into a smart forfour, the likelihood is that you’ve experienced the convenience of being able to wedge your car in parking spaces no one else could even think about tackling!

We’ve taken that concept, and had some fun with it. Here are some surprising places you could (if you wanted to!) fit all 2,695 millimetres of smart fortwo goodness!

Inside the Hobbit Hole, UK

Hop over to the mainland to experience a cave holiday on a smart car scale – in fact, the smart car would fit neatly on the bed! If enjoying hobbit-style living is for you, we recommend you take your smart car with you and see if you can get it to fit!

In the garage onboard the Predator 180 Yacht!

From a teeny holiday to a giant luxury, we couldn’t resist including the hyper-luxury beast that is the Predator 180 yacht! And ok, so technically this is a bit of a cheat, but this ocean-going super-yacht comes complete with it’s own car garage, so that you aren’t limited to the water. Instead, when you arrive at your destination (somewhere exclusive, we assume) you can take to the local roads straight away – and in a smart car you won’t have to worry about finding somewhere to park!

Down the narrowest street in London – Crawford Passage

Back to reality, we love the surreal nature of London’s narrowest street – the peculiarly formed Crawford Passage. It’s just a shame that smart cars are just as subject to double yellow lines as other cars, because otherwise we reckon you could squeeze in right at the end. Remove the (fun-ending) bollards and you can probably even make it around the corner!

Float away in the world’s largest hot air balloon basket!

Finally, let’s end our surreal list with a bit of magic. Why not treat your smart car to a magical and romantic hot air balloon ride in a frankly gigantic basket – the Cabrio is probably the best choice here so you can pop out of the roof! In fact, this one is so big that you can probably admire the view with a couple of other smart car buddies – lovely!

It’s all a bit of fun and a giggle, but what this does demonstrate is how incredible versatile a smart car is – you can enjoy all the comfort of a modern and convenient car, without worrying about whether you are in a vehicle too wide or too long for where you want to go.

Do you want to see what a smart fortwo is like for yourself?

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