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An in-date MOT Certificate for any vehicle that is +4 years old is not only a legal requirement, it’s also vital in ensuring your car is safe and efficient for you and other road users. Knowing your car meets environmental and road safety standards delivers peace of mind for you while you’re on the road as well, and here at Agnew Group we’re proud to provide a comprehensive solution for helping your car pass with flying colours.

Specialist Engineers and Mechanics

If your car is 4 years older or more, our fixed-price pre-MOT service can help you spot any potential failing points early and correct them. Our expert technicians will perform checks, top-ups and other maintenance procedures which increase the likelihood your car will pass, as well as identifying any more serious problems which could require work ahead of the test.

With a team of specialist engineers and mechanics at each of our locations, we’re proud to deliver the most reliable pre MOT servicing solutions. No matter the make, model or age of your car, our experts ensure you’re running safely, comfortably and legally before heading into your MOT.

The cost of the MOT test is included, as well as a professional valet.

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