Hassle Free MOT Options

An annual MOT inspection is required for any vehicle 4 years or older. The inspection consists of over 150 safety and emission related systems to ensure your vehicle is working as efficiently as possible.

The Vehicle inspection for £49 includes checks on all lights, instruments, bodywork, glass, locks, battery, drive belts, suspension, steering, fuel lines, brake pads/ shoes/ discs, hoses, wash/wipe system, exhaust system, engine components, fluid levels and tyres.

At Agnew SEAT & Agnew Autoexhange we offer a Hassle Free MOT option for £120. This includes a comprehensive MOT check carried out by our trained technicians who will set headlight alignment, clean brake lines check under the body of the car for loose trims or dangerous components check lights, bodywork, interior trims, seats and seatbelts. We will also book and pay for the MOT appointment (currently priced at £30.50 in the Belfast MOT Centre), and will take your car to the Test Centre and through the MOT process. For your convenience, we can also arrange for your car to be collected and returned to you. 

For more information or to book an appointment contact us at Agnew SEAT on 028 90 097 113 or Agnew Autoexchange on 028 90 097 104.

Terms & Conditions

*Please note additional work highlighted at MOT preparation must be completed to validate the Guarantee of MOT Pass. All vehicles must be 4 years old or older to complete this service.


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