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Added: 01 July 2019

Love your new SEAT and it will love you back. Dirt or dog hairs? No problem. Mud and mess? Sorted. Choose this pack and get on with the way you live, knowing your SEAT is protected for its lifetime.

Protective seat cover for dogs.

To protect the rear seat of your vehicle and prevent damage due to scratches, damp or hair, the most practival solution is the protective car seat cover. Take your pet with you and forget about cleaning the vehicle each time you go out.

Protective Seat Cover Available for £155 including grille 

Protective luggage compartment lining.

Perfect for carrying animals. Completely covers the mat and sides preventing animal fur and dirt from becoming attached. Waterproof and prevents any damp from seeping through.

Protective Luggage Compartment Lining Available for £175 including grille 

Cargo seperation grille.

Keep your best friend happy in the back with this grille, seperating the boot from the rear passenger space. Made of a black powder coated tubular frame with wire mesh, install behind the rear seat.

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Availability dependant on SEAT model 

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