What Are The Different Definitions Of New Cars?

Added: 04 July 2018

When you’re going to buy a new car, there can be a lot of jargon used that you might not follow.

You might find different versions of new cars that leaves you unsure which car you should buy. Keep reading and we’ll clear it up for you!

What Is Ex-Demo?

An ex-demo car is an ex-demonstrator car. These are cars that have been used in a showroom to entice people to buy a new car and are used to reflect the new models the dealership has. They usually have a high spec and low mileage as will often be used for test-driving a model that has just been or is due to be released.

These models will be in great condition with few, if any, scratches and scuffs on them because the dealership will want to reflect a model in the best way possible. Due to this, when you buy an ex-demo, you know you can trust where it’s from and that it has a genuine short history.

As ex-demo cars are barely used, they are still classed as new vehicles and will only be registered 1 or 2 years maximum prior to being available to buy.

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What Is Pre-Reg?

A pre-reg car is a pre-registered car that has never been driven by a member of the public. Instead, pre-reg cars have only been registered by a dealer and are generally newer than ex-demo cars. These types of new cars are unlikely to have ever left the forecourt of the dealership so won’t have any miles on them as they tend to not move once they have been transported to their dealership.

Pre-reg cars could be a few weeks old, but differ from a brand new car as you won’t be the first owner of the car. However, with a pre-reg car you can drive it home instantly and make huge savings on a practically brand new vehicle.

These cars are normally sold as dealers need to get new stock in and so are looking for a less popular model to showcase in their window.

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