Does Porsche Make An SUV?

Added: 04 December 2018

It’s a question that often comes up, but the answer to ‘Does Porsche Make An SUV’ is very clear: Yes!

An SUV is a ‘sports utility vehicle’ or ‘suburban utility vehicle’, classified as a light truck but operated for the family. They’re very similar to the large station wagons that you see on the market or the estate cars, but they’re usually fully equipped with four-wheel drive for both on and off-road ability. Some SUVs have the towing capacity of a pickup truck, but they have the passenger carry space of a minivan or large sedan.

Since Porsche crafted its first SUV in 2002, SUVs have been dominating the vehicle sales market. Year on year, SUV sales have increased and even though the general car market has declined by 2% in the same time frame, SUVs have not yet. With the jump in sales for SUV and truck sales, midsize cars and large cars are down a little. Porsche attracted some criticism when it made the Cayenne in 2002, but as the SUV history has improved, the Cayenne became a massive success and has become a bestseller in the SUV market. This has started a huge trend, with success with the first-generation Cayenne selling more than 270,000 units. Seven years later, the second generation launched to include the hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions which sold out of half a million units.

This has led to companies including the Porsche Centre Belfast selling some of the most popular Porsche models. Below, you’ll learn a little more about the options available at the Porsche Centre Belfast.

The Porsche Cayenne

As mentioned above, the Porsche Cayenne is an SUV with dynamic performance, continuing on the path of success that it has carved out for itself. There are new designs, new driver assistance systems and a higher output - and yet the fuel consumption is still low. The Cayenne has completely reinvented itself, continuing to forge ahead into the future. For your convenience, the features below can be found with the Cayenne:

• Automatic start/stop
• Black rev counter
• Brake pad wear indicator
• Coolant and external temperature gauges
• Acoustic and optical parking systems
• On board computer
• Porsche Communication Management (PCM) including online navigation
• Bluetooth functionality
• Roll over sensors

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Porsche Cayenne

The Porsche Macan

Built for those with a thirst for thrills, the Porsche Macan is designed to be intensive and new challengers will love this new way to drive. It’s not a car that is stuck in the rut and built around convention; it’s got an authenticity that makes the driver connect with the road. For some of the best features for your convenience, check out the list below:

• 7” high resolution TFT colour display
• Brake pad wear sensors
• Front and rear park distance control
• Instrument cluster with high resolution
• Mobile technology preparation
• Off-road capabilities
• On board computer
• PCM navigation
• Porsche communications model
• Power Tailgate

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Porsche Macan


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