Our Favourite BMW Design Icons from Motoring History

Added: 04 April 2018

BMW 2 Series

The BMW 2 Series is one of the most recognizable BMW models of our time. After the 1 Series, BMW were looking to branch out and regain market presence. Their first step towards this was introducing the 2 Series and it absolutely flew out! It’s sleek design and impressive practicality made it a must have car back in its 2014 release.

BMW Design Icons

BMW i8

The BMW i8 is one of the greatest examples of BMW pushing the boat out. When it was released back in 2014, its futuristic styling and fantastic fuel economy made it stand out in what was a vicious market. Despite the trials and tribulations of supercars in the past few years, the BMW i8 has stood strong in maintaining both market presence and originality – we just had to include it in our list!

BMW Design Icons


Mean looking and surprisingly cheap, the Z4 was an explosive release. Back in 2002, the Z4 was way ahead of its time and ended up being an award winning roadster due to its simple but effective driving style and all round aesthetic.

In a lot of ways, the Z4 has paved the way for the modern day roadster and you can see that a lot of its initial features have been carried over to BMW’s more recent models due to this early success.

BMW Design Icons


Here we have the car that started it all – the first of its kind in terms of sporting ‘the most powerful letter in the world’ – the M badge.

Up until the i8 was launched, the M1 was the first and only supercar the Bavarian brand developed and its style was radically different to anything else they had manufactured. Nowadays you’d be mad to mistake this classic for anything else, but when it was first released it was often mistaken for a Lamborghini, for obvious reasons of course – the main one being that BMW commissioned Lamborghini to design and build the chassis and assemble the car.

If you’re a fan of the M badge then, there’s every chance you had a poster of this car on your bedroom wall when you were younger. It’s an all-time classic that goes down in legendary motorsport design history, and that’s why it’s our all-time favourite.

BMW Design Icons

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