Meet the SEAT Tarraco a new large SUV from SEAT

Added: 23 January 2019

seat tarraco

Most people associate the Spanish carmaker SEAT with small, fun hatchbacks. But the firm has been busy behind the scenes building a product that it hopes will help it break into the lucrative luxury SUV market, one of the fastest-growing segments of the car industry.

SEAT new luxury SUV slots above the Ateca and Arona in the company’s growing SUV family and will compete against the Skoda Kodiaq, Kia Sorento and Nissan X-Trail.

The name of the new SEAT car - Tarraco - wasn’t chosen by the company itself. Instead, it was the result of a social media poll, where more than 140,000 people participated in the #SEATseekingName competition.

The Features of The SEAT Tarraco

Although SEAT had two cars in its SUV line-up already, the company realised that it needed something a little sportier and more luxurious. They wanted to upgrade exteriors and trim, and something that looked elegant.

With the Tarraco, that’s precisely what SEAT attempted to deliver. The new car looks impressive, with its stylish lines, impressive skirting and large alloy wheels, but it’s also seen a few upgrades on the interior too thanks to its Xcellence and Style trims.

SEAT wanted to give people something that was not only stunning to look at, but practical too. The interior space is enormous: the car, which measures 4.74 metres long and 1.66 meters tall, seats up to seven people, making it the perfect accessory for large families with a lot of people to ferry from A to B. Designers worked explicitly on giving the interior a feeling of spaciousness. They included horizontal lines that help to create a sense of width usually found on super-premium cars from other manufacturers.

SEAT also equips the new car with full LED headlights up front, providing reliable lighting, as well as a more aggressive grille and front bumper, taking the well-known company looks up a notch. There’s no doubt that this is an impressive vehicle.


What about the performance? Has SEAT made any upgrades there?

The new Tarraco will launch with two petrol engine variants and two diesel options. The petrol variants are a 1.5-litre TSI engine paired with a six-speed manual transmission and a 2.0-litre engine with about 25 per cent more performance and the company’s proprietary 4Drive traction system.

For those interested in diesel, the SEAT also says that the car will arrive with two 2.0 litre options, one with 150 bhp and the other with 190.

SEAT has taken pains to ensure that the new Tarraco remains competitive in the increasingly technological car market. As such, the carmaker has included start-stop technology, its “Dynamic Chassis Control setup which gives the car a sportier feeling, and a range of lane and parking assist features.


Above all the new Tarraco is designed to be a practical vehicle with a few embellishments here and there. There’s no doubt that it’s good to look at, and that will appeal to owners who want a combination of both form and function.

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