Introducing the Golf 8

The eighth iteration of Volkswagen Golf was revealed to the world on Thursday 24 October, with game-changing alterations to its technology and connectivity.

It’s also received a styling update, though exciting features such as its digital interior, assisted driving, swarm intelligence and the launch of hybrid models take centre stage.

Digital interior
Almost all displays inside the new Golf are digital. Instruments are digital, and the new car features online infotainment screens, touch buttons and touch sliders. A head-up display, found on the windshield, can also be selected to bring even more information to the driver.

Voice control also plays a role for the new Golf, with Alexa connectivity an exciting new addition.

Constantly Connected

The new Golf is constantly connected. Its systems not only connect to each other, but to the world outside it. The Golf receives Car2X, a first for a Volkswagen vehicle, which allows the car to connect with its environment. It can tell drivers the weather, and receive information from vehicles up to 800 metres away regarding traffic, breakdowns, hard braking and other useful data.

Travel assist allows for assisted driving up to speeds of 130mph. We Connect services are also included with the new Golf, bringing yet another dimension of connectivity to Europe’s most popular car.

The Golf also receives IQ. Light LED matrix headlights and dynamic light assist, which has only previously appeared on Touraeg and new Passat.

Eight drive trains, with hybrid driving

The new Golf receives eight drivetrains, including petrol (TSI), diesel (TDI), mild hybrid (eTSI) and plug-in hybrid drive (eHybrid) engines. All engines have a reduced consumption values and emissions outputs, with power outputs ranging from 90PS to 200PS.

It will also be the first Volkswagen available with five hybrid drive options, including a TSI engine partnered with a 48V battery. Three eTSI options are available, as well as two plug-in eHybrid options including the GTE.

For more information on the Golf 8 contact Agnew Volkswagen Belfast on 028 9023 4477 or Mallusk on 028 9034 2111.


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