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How Volvos Keep Drivers Safe.

Everyone knows Volvos are at the top of the rankings for safety, as found from the brands Euro NCAP safety testing. However, do you know exactly what features make these models the best in the business? Here are the top features you can expect from a new Volvo from Agnew Belfast.

Intellisafe – State-Of-The-Art Technology

All new Volvo’s are fitted with innovative technology to ensure they are enjoyable and safe for all drivers! The Intellisafe technology system is part of the brands vision to have nobody seriously injured or killed in a new Volvo by 2020.

To ensure this comes true, Intellisafe features include:

  • Adaptive Cruising – so you can cruise and keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front.
  • 360 Degree Camera – to ensure you know exactly what’s going on around your vehicle, the cameras make parking much easier and safer!
  • Active High Beam – new Volvos will automatically switch from low to high beam when it sense another vehicle, pedestrians, or cyclists.
  • Park Assist Pilot – to save you hassle, Volvos will steer themselves into a parking space, and even notify you when to brake!
  • Blind Spot Information – radar sensors are fitted to alert you when there are other vehicles near, to allow you to switch lanes safely.
  • Lane Keeping – if the car notices you drifting out of a lane, it will gently steer you back and send a warning vibration to alert you. 

Protecting Others On The Road

Essential for city driving, new Volvo cars are fitted with pedestrian and cyclist protection. The cars notify you when people are walking outside the vehicle and even flashes a warning light on the windscreen when cyclists swerve in front of you. And should you collide with another road user, a Volvo-first technology pedestrian airbag will protect all those involved. With additional smart technology that tells you when it’s necessary to brake for other road users, it allows every type of driver to tackle the city with ease!

Stay Safe In Any Accident

Whilst the forward collision warnings of new Volvos scan 150m in front of the vehicle to pre-charge the brakes, the strong construction of the safety cages ensure the steel frame holds and doesn’t crumble in accidents. Inside the cabin, the automatically tightening seat belts will ensure you’re kept stable in the event of an accident.


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