How to Prepare Your Car for Summer

Added: 30 June 2017

When the summer season nears, holiday mood sets in and if you are going on a road trip, your car should be in perfect shape. Not only do old cars need preparation before a long journey, new cars also need periodic inspections to ensure smooth running during long road trips. So, include the following tips in your car preparation checklist.

Tyre Assessment

Before going on a long summer road trip, ensure your car tyres are in perfect condition. Visually inspect for cracks and any bulging. Also, check them for wear by measuring tread wear and tear. Replace worn out tyres as well as carrying a spare one- we have many tyre sizes available across our franchises in Northern Ireland. Also, check that all the lights are working well and if one is broken either change the bulb or fix any loose electrical wires.

Keep Levels Topped Up

Inspect engine oil for leaks and level in the oil sump. Before checking the oil level, ensure the car is on a level surface. Start the engine to warm up, remove the dipstick then wipe it and dip it again, remove and note the level. If the oil level is on the full mark, then there's no need to get worried. Replace the oil if the colour gets dark or refill if the level is low. Your car engine can overheat if there is no water in the radiator. Be sure to top up the radiator with enough water and carry some of it in the trunk in case of any emergency. Make sure the brakes are working well. Test-drive while applying brakes and if there's a problem, check the brake fluid level. If the level is low, refill and do necessary setting on brake pads.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Your vehicle's AC is also key. During the summer, the temperature can reach unbearable highs so you want an efficient air conditioning system. Conduct a test before your road trip and if there is any fault, have it repaired. Many garages carry out air conditioning servicing and recommend annual checks to ensure it works effectively for years to come. Doing all these checks is necessary when preparing for your road trip. However, if your MOT or Service is due, have your car inspected and fine-tuned by a professional for detailed and in-depth maintenance. It is important since you may not be is a position to check critical components and conduct complex repairs that a professional is able to do. We offer all customers excellent vehicle servicing, which you can book online today.


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