Diesel cars pros and cons: Should you buy one?

Added: 08 November 2018

Are you looking into purchasing a new car? A car is a long-term purchase so this decision should not be taken lightly. In particular, you should think about what type of engine you want. These days, there are various options including the classic petrol, the modern hybrid, the emissions-conscious electric and the value diesel. While diesel cars have received negative press as of late, a car like this could still be the right choice for you. Here are some of the pros and cons to consider when choosing a car with this type of engine.


The first big benefit of a diesel car is that they actually use less fuel. You could save a massive 30% throughout the year, purchasing significantly lower amounts of fuel than your typical petrol car. That’s why the diesel engine is often considered to be the economic friendly choice. You’ll certainly notice that you stop less for gas if you are used to driving a petrol car.

This isn’t even the only saving a diesel car will bring either. You need to think about tax benefits too. Diesel cars are marked as having lower CO2 emissions. Indeed, CO2 emissions can be reduced by 20% with a diesel car. Due to this, you should expect to pay less in car tax for the first year with your vehicle. However, after this, you will need to pay the typical £140.

Diesel cars are also a particularly great option if you’re planning on towing equipment or other vehicles with your car. For instance, if you love caravan trips, this could certainly be the right choice because a diesel car can tow the load more effectively. The same is true for trailers which is why they are often favoured in the farming industry.

Another way diesel engines will save you money is through levels of maintenance. You’ll find that with a diesel engine, the engine itself will actually last longer compared to the typical petrol car. The car itself will also last longer, and when you do resell, you’ll get a better deal. Yes, diesel cars even depreciate on the market at a lower rate.



While there are some fantastic benefits that come with a diesel car, there are a few other points that you need to be aware of. You should purchase a diesel vehicle if you want to save money in the long term. Immediate costs may be a little more expensive as diesel vehicles often come with a higher price tag.

There are also style issues with diesel cars as well. If you’re looking for a silent engine, this is definitely not the best possibility. Instead, you need to think about a petrol car which could provide a far gentler sound on the roads.

Should You Buy One?

If you love the sound of a roaring engine and are looking for a budget-friendly option that provides fuel saving benefits but is cheaper than a hybrid this could be a great choice. There are plenty of diesel cars to choose from as well, and they’re available from all the major producers. In the long term, you’ll save a considerable amount with a diesel.

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