What is the BMW M-Series?

Added: 14 January 2019

BMW, like most car manufacturers, wants to offer its customers choice, including the level of trim that they want for the exterior and interior of their cars, depending on their budget.

Currently, BMW has four tiers that customers can choose from. The first three, SE, Modern, and Luxury are the entry and mid-range offerings from the German automaker. The final tier is the company’s luxury “M” series, representing the very best the company has to offer.

So, what do you get for your money with the BMW M-Series?

Interior Upgrades

BMW M-Series cars come with a plethora of upgrades over other trim tiers. In the interior, you’ll find full-leather upholstery, leather coverings on the steering wheel and gear stick, and better, sportier seating. BMW claims that its M-Series seats help to hold drivers in place, allowing for more comfort during “enthusiastic” driving.

It’s worth pointing out that M-series cars aren’t “bling.” In fact, many of the interior details are surprisingly subtle. M sports badges adorn the door sills - a convention used by other high-end manufacturers. And little strips of aluminium replace the gloss plastic trim found in lower models. The overall effect is much greater finesse, but you must look closely to see it.

Exterior Upgrades

What about the exterior?

With the M-Series, BMW is going after car enthusiasts who want their vehicle to have a little extra in the looks department. As you might expect, the exterior of M-Series cars is more aggressive, to fit in with the range’s sports appeal.

M-Series models come with deeper front bumpers and larger alloy wheels with low-profile tyres. They also ride lower, thanks to the sports-tuned suspension, giving the cars better handling in corners. Performance, not comfort, is the priority, although the former isn’t completely forgotten.

BMW also makes some more subtle changes with the M-Series that will be noticed by owners but don’t look out of place on the road. Besides the numerous “M” series badges, BMW also offers the opportunity to add black trim to the car exterior. Black gloss replaces the traditional grill and air intakes, upgrading the aesthetics of the bodywork, especially at the front of the car. Owners can also choose to have the standard exhaust finished in chrome.

Should You Upgrade to the M-Series?

The answer to this question depends solely on your budget. Most people will be delighted with the quality of BMW’s standard and mid-range trims. After all, the carmaker is in the business of selling luxury vehicles. But with that said, M-Series cars do bring something extra special to the mix. Not only do they look better, but they help turn a car into something more akin to a work of art.

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