BMW Release Next Generation iDrive Infotainment System

Added: 23 May 2018

BMW iDrive

BMW’s market leading iDrive infotainment system is undergoing a stylish new makeover and is due to make its debut appearance in the all-new X5 SUV, which is set for launch later this year.

With BMW being one of the few manufacturers at the forefront of the first in-car infotainment systems, the thought of a brand new iDrive system from them is an intriguing one. Looking back to when the first iDrive system was launched in the 2001 7 Series, BMW scrapped almost all of the confusing dashboard buttons in favour of their now famous rotary control nozzle.

What was once over complicated and 17 years of refinement later, the iDrive system is now seen as the best in the game when it comes to in-car infotainment systems in terms of functionality, media, information and settings controls.

Considering this then, let us take you through what you can expect with the exciting new 7.0 iDrive system from BMW.

BMW 7.0 iDrive: What’s New?

New 7.0 iDrive

For the first time in BMW’s history, the interface of their iDrive system is now 100% digital and comes with a set of newly designed digital dials in place of their famed big round dials. Navigation and other driving information can be displayed between the two dials and also the display changes colour depending on which driving mode you have selected – blue for Eco and red for Sport, for example.

BMW are claiming that the state-of-the-art gesture recognition applied to the new iDrive system makes finding your way around its digital features seemingly easy, even for new BMW customers. The high-resolution screen will now respond to touch in a more sensitive way than before and also swipe gestures are now recognised. If all of this gesture control and touch screen business seems daunting to you, you can always fall back on the rotary controller which hasn’t lost its place.

Another new feature at the centre of the iDrive 7.0 system is a ‘home page’ profile of which you can customise to your liking and then assign it to your key so when you put it in the ignition it will automatically load up all of your preferences. Customisable features include adding up to four widgets for your most used programmes and commands, with each of them leading up to around 10 pages worth of information. The advantage of this feature is the ease of which you will be able to access things like parking information or weather data in just the swipe of a screen.

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